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Commercial Real Estate Branding

Your commercial real estate branding should speak directly to your audience and tell the story of your firm’s culture, capability and vision. Think long term when developing your brand and keep in mind that the commercial real estate marketing materials that you create today may be a constant for years to come.

Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Branding

Our team is built for developing recognizable brands. When discussing commercial real estate branding, it’s important to recognize the magnitude of collateral associated. Commercial real estate branding isn’t just a logo or a company brochure, it’s the culmination of all marketing activities. Our ability to offer a full-service, industry specific branding solution is a real asset to the professionals and companies that we serve. We’ll be with every step of the way, from initial design concepts to developing and implementing a best in class marketing plan.

Our Process for Commercial Real Estate Branding

Check List – The biggest mistake you can make is starting the process of re-branding without a plan or a thorough understanding of the tasks that need to be accomplished. Through our experience, we’ve developed a detailed check list of the items that should be included as well as reasonable timelines to accomplish.

Discovery – It all starts with a consultation so we can develop an understanding of who you are as a company and what you want to accomplish. We’ll ask questions like, what’s your company’s culture, what are your plans for future growth? There’s several items that we’ll want to identify before moving to the design portion of the branding process like…

Design – As I’m sure you guessed, the design process is the most intensive aspect of creating or refreshing your brand. We’re excited to work together on this and look forward to your feedback as we move through all the items on our checklist. We’ll be happy to continue tweaking and re-designing items until we’re left with the perfect final product.

Brand’s Impact – As mentioned, your brand is more than just a selection of phrases and colors. It’s your identity, it’s who you are. Before reaching this step, our team has already conducted an extensive brand appeal and recognition study to help build upon existing concepts and create new methods for promoting your business, now we will monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns and are ready to pivot if necessary ensure we’re continuing to move in the right direction.

 Innovating with Market Trends – Now that your brand is developed and recognized in the market, it’s not over… continuing to incorporate new trends, styles and content are all important to keeping your brand relevant.

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