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Commercial Real Estate Flyers

Commercial real estate flyers provide a snapshot of available properties and are shared with prospective investors and users that have an interest in learning more about the opportunity. Done right, flyers can offer value in a number of ways.  Unfortunately, too many firms fail to give these simple deliverables the attention they deserve. The benefits of a little extra attention in the creation of your real estate flyers can go a long way.

Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Flyers

Commercial real estate flyers have and will continue to be an essential marketing deliverable. They’re made readily available on property tours, are posted to online property databases like LoopNet and are usually one of the first marketing pieces sent to a new prospect. In short, flyers are important and should be treated accordingly. If you’re finding yourself lacking time or internal marketing resources to create great marketing collateral, look to the team at ML Jordan to streamline the entire flyer development process by handling graphic design, branding, mapping, demographics, logos, site plans, area overviews and project specific research.

Our Insight into Commercial Real Estate Flyers

Flyers represent your brand.  Whether you’re using real estate templates or a custom design, this is great opportunity to reinforce your brands image, colors and other design elements.  Your brand is the emotional and psychological association that a person makes with your business. It is also your promise to the marketplace and tells people what you stand for, so this is a great opportunity to be clear about those things.

Let’s face it, clients can be selective listeners. They filter the information being conveyed based on what’s important to them.  As a result, some really key points may be missed.  A thoroughly thought out flyer, brochure or offering memorandum will contain all of the details and serve as reference for the client.

It’s easy to dismiss commercial real estate flyers as just another necessity.  Done right though, they can be a powerful marketing tool that will add to your marketplace presence and help close more deals.

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