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Commercial Real Estate Marketing Plans

Commercial real estate marketing plans that include the industry’s most comprehensive list of marketing solutions. We provide an alternative to the traditional in-office employee model by offering a higher quality, more cost effective, streamlined, full-service, commercial real estate specific team of professionals.

Your Full Service Commercial Real Estate Marketing Department

Our commercial real estate marketing plans provide a turnkey outsourcing solution capable of handling all your commercial real estate marketing needs.
We’ll strategize, develop, design and orchestrate your next and future marketing campaigns.

Small Package

15 Hours Per Month



/ hour

Most Popular

Best for

Professionals interested in using our services for smaller projects throughout the month. Newsletters, email marketing campaigns and branding materials are popular requests within this package.

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45 Hours Per Month



/ hour

Most Popular

Best for

Full-service, all-encompassing marketing solution. Perfect for ongoing email marketing management, development of offering memorandums, content development, website updates and graphic design projects.

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High Volume

Customized Service Offering

Best for

Companies and professionals with a high volume of marketing requests. These plans are customized to fit the needs of our clients. Popular package structures include a turnkey marketing solution for the entire office or servicing large quantities of offering memorandum requests.

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Our Process Drives Commercial Real Estate Success

ML Jordan specializes in providing virtual marketing and support services that have been optimized for the Commercial Real Estate industry. Interested in moving forward?  We’ve developed a four-step approach to make sure our clients get the support and care they need for their business.

Initial Consultation

We understand that every business has its own structure, culture and service offerings. Because of this we customize every client’s package to best suit it’s needs. Our initial consultation will determine your company’s current needs as well as identify the most efficient way to reach your long-term goals. A marketing plan will be created and we’ll soon be on our way to streamlining your entire marketing process.

Identify Onboarding Projects

Our clients are assigned an account manager that will act as an extension of your team. They are highly responsive and will work fast and efficiently to meet your marketing goals. Upon finalizing our marketing plan, we will have a clear understanding of the first projects to get started on. We’ll hit the ground running to ensure initial templates have been created and a comfort in communication has been established.

Streamlined Operation

Once our initial structure has been established and a comfort in communication has been achieved, we’ll actively pursue and stay on call for any new projects that come across your desk. We’ll set up email and direct mail campaigns, build new marketing collateral for available properties and service opportunities, build upon your existing branding materials as well as any other marketing activities needed to get the job done.

On-going support

Our commercial real estate marketing plans offers several advantages, most significantly, we’re built to provide a flexibility that’s established with no long-term commitment. We understand that needs change and because of this we’ve built our team to be capable of scaling our services as the needs of your business change.

Our Full-Circle Approach to Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Our experience and background in commercial real estate has given us the knowledge and understanding of the requirements that commercial real estate professionals need. Marketing requests vary with every client, because of this we’ve built our team around the flexibility needed to handle an array of marketing tasks.

Ongoing Requirements

When it’s busy season, there’s an ongoing list of projects that need to be completed to properly service clients and actively market available properties. We’re on call to prepare new offering memorandums, flyers, corresponding email, direct mail campaigns and more. Our team is an extension of your business and is ready to handle all your requests.

New Opportunities

If it’s your intention to continue growing your book of business, it’s imperative to always be innovating, presenting, shaking hands and scheduling meetings. We’re here to develop the appropriate deliverable for each new opportunity as well as get creative on ways to enhance your existing branding materials.

Business Development

It’s crucial to stay in front of your audience and it’s important to note that you should not only be introducing your contacts to opportunities such as available properties and popular services, but also adding value in the form of well-developed content. We’ll strategize, develop, design and orchestrate your next and future marketing campaigns.

Built for Scale

Regardless of your company’s size, our team has the depth and capability to handle a high volume of projects. We’re all in on the new outsourcing model and believe that we can help big and small companies alike save on costs, add productivity and create the highest quality marketing materials with the fastest turnaround. We look forward to growing with you.

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