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Real Estate Newsletters, Content Development

A commercial real estate newsletter is a great way to complement your available listings and service opportunities by adding value to your audience. Including high quality and engaging content inside of your newsletter and distributing through an email marketing campaign is a great way to generate leads, grow your database and establish yourself as a market leader.

Solutions for Real Estate Newsletters, Content Development

Our commercial real estate focus serves as a huge benefit to our clients when it comes to content development and creating industry specific newsletters. Through the discovery process, we’ll learn more about your practice and with little direction we’ll be ready to start writing relevant and useful content for your targeted audience.

Keys to Content Marketing

With so many websites online today, prospects have huge access to a variety of different sources. That means that they can be picky about which sites to visit, and they’re quick to click away from pages that offer them no value. That’s why it’s crucial that the content on your commercial real estate website is useful, and answers questions specific to your industry.

This commercial real estate marketing strategy may entail more work upfront, but the payoffs justify the effort. Even though you’ll need to dig deep to come up with some compelling content, and do thorough research on your audience, the reward will be an increased amount of traffic to your website. Not only will you gain more traffic, but your click through rate will also go up.

The idea behind content marketing is that you offer valuable information to readers, like a useful article, and in return you’ll have the chance to offer some of your core services. The first step in this process for most businesses is getting a potential client’s email address. Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach out to people, and it should be an important part of your strategy.

The easiest way to collect information on your target audience and grow your database is to offer something for free, like an eBook or how-to guide, in exchange for their email. That’s a fair trade, especially if it results in your business gaining the email addresses of thousands of people who may be interested in your service offerings.

On top of getting the chance to capture a user’s email address, high quality content also gives you a chance to become a thought leader in your industry. The more useful the content that you produce, and the more questions that you answer for prospects, the more you’ll have a chance to build up your reputation as a trustworthy source.

Finally, great content will allow you to stand out in a crowded room. There’s so much misinformation and poorly written content online that it’s easy to set your commercial real estate business apart by offering something that’s high quality. Again, it might require more work upfront, but the rewards will be well worth it down the line.

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