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About Commercial Real Estate Social Media

When done right, commercial real estate social media strategy and implementation has an exponentially positive impact on your firm.  Being on social medial and being effective at converting your followers into real business leads are two different things. Does your commercial real estate firm have a social media strategy or are you just posting random content without reason? Even though social media is a fast-moving space, there are simple principles to developing and curating content that you should adhere to. Nurture your presence by skillfully crafting communications that showcase your expertise and how you provide value.

Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Social Media

The top leading firms always incorporate the latest tactics in media and communication as well as the strategies that render them effective. Firms need to think strategically about how much content they want to push out, how to present it in an enticing and valuable way, and which platforms to utilize to ensure they reach their target demographic.

There’s no getting around it: hiring a team of experienced professionals to do the heavy lifting for you ultimately makes your life significantly easier. At ML Jordan, our industry experts are proficient at content strategy and design, developing editorials and blurbs that are focused on your industry, and understand all aspects of best practices when it comes to publishing across the various social media platforms.

Without commercial real estate social media presence your network is negatively affected. The lack of engagement with your community of contacts (i.e. your customers, friends, employees and all their own contacts) limits the exposure of your offerings, reduces opportunities to engage with prospects, and decreases your chances for optimum SEO and brand awareness. Your community engagement IS your firms’ lifeline.

Commercial real estate firms can no longer rely on traditional marketing techniques. Having an active and engaging social media presence is a MUST. Without presence, you appear dated and leave the floor open to competition. Whether you are selling a building, leasing a space, promoting a new build project, or sharing industry related news, we can help streamline your social media strategy to ensure its effectiveness and help you craft memorable posts. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to narrow down what your key message points should be. Let us help you humanize your brand and connect with the community around you.

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